Tulio & Maria Coffee

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Obtained from the selection of the best grains and the most homogeneous, in order to give an even roast, preserving the notes of that production. Normally the roasting is medium for a better expression in fragrance, aroma and cup.

  • Light Coffee
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  • Bean & powder
  • Artisanal coffee
  • 500 gr

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Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada

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Colombia, Colombia # 1, Colombia # 2
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What is Light Roast Coffee?

The roast of the coffee has nothing to do with the type of coffee bean. Instead, it has to do with the roast level.

When we talk about light roast coffee, we’re referring to coffee beans that are yellowish-tan to light brown in color. 

Light roast coffee has lots of natural flavors. It tends to be brighter, sweeter, and have more acidity than darker roasts. That’s because some of those natural flavors dissipate during the roasting process. Since light roast beans process for the shortest amount of time, they retain more of those flavors and acids.

Light roast coffee tends to be a bit more complex, less bitter and has even more antioxidants than darker roasts.

How to make the best light roast coffee?

If you like black coffee, coffee with milk or cream,  light roast coffee might be ideal for you. Furthermore, these kind of coffee would be great for summer, due to it can be used as iced coffee on the rocks or as a cold brew.


You’ll never get an expresso out of light coffee. If you like the Americano kind, you’ll have to try the @Salento Coffee – Expresso.

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Artisanal Coffee


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