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My Latin Store is more than a store. We want to connect you with the makers, entrepreneurs and artists that present you their stories and products. Each of them is unique and proud to be part of this great adventure.

We try to do business differently by putting people and the planet first. That means you can trust that every handmade product or experience purchase you make directly impacts the life and community of its maker in their country of origin. 

My Latin Store is an online MarketPlace of Latin American products and services from people who will tell the story of why they are motivated to sell their products.
We believe that online has brought many products to people in an easy way, however we also think that we are missing the personal touch that we have when we go to a store, the lady who tells you her own story and you develop a relationship with this person.  We want to bring this touch to the online world.  We are working with many small Latin American businesses who have all the right formula to succeed but need the market where to sell them.  Each entrepreneur has their own space to develop their online store and for the market they know it is one place where they can connect with their needs. 

To reinvent how people make online purchases, by telling the story of Latin American entrepreneurs presenting their passion, and inspiring new generations that any dream is possible to be presented to the world.

Create an economic opportunity for true entrepreneurs presenting their Latin American products to the world and connecting people with real people in our world premiere online platform. 

The Latin Store, connecting you with the story!


For the last 15 years, we have been working with the Latin American market in Canada, understanding the needs and bringing the community together with a beautiful project called Latincouver, a non-profit organization that has organized over 500 events in culture and business. This experience has been helping us to find some needs and the desire to create an impact directly with people who are making a difference in the world with their passion!  

So this is how a few years ago this new dream to create a virtual Latin store started for Paola Murillo, a born entrepreneur from Colombia, nationalized in Canada.  Paola from her early years used to sell cakes and candies to her neighbors in Bogotá, and then elevated her products to sandwiches to her mates in school.  Then when she moved to the USA to start her university studies in Business Administration, created a business call PVMImports selling Colombian jewelry and USA brands clothes.  For a few years Paola moved to Grenoble, France where she did her MBA in International Business, had the opportunity to learn about the French market and started developing a platform to connect foreign students with used items from former students, but unfortunately she stopped to return to her home country.  However, during all her life her passion has been to serve as a platform to connect and grow new opportunities.

Paola Murillo - About Us - My Latin Store
Eric - My Latin Store - About Us
Paola met the love of her life in 2019 exactly as she asked for, a smart French man, who was actually born in Grenoble, the same city where Paola went to school 20 years before. Eric Doublier also went to university in Grenoble and they probably crossed each other without knowing it in the city subway system. Eric holds a master's degree as an Agronomy Engineer with over 18 years experience working in the USA and Canada in the agricultural business. Eric himself is a natural entrepreneur. While working full time for an organic producer in Victoria, B.C., he found the time to create his own farm, plant his vineyard and export dried morels and chanterelles in Europe. While Paola motivated Eric to move to Vancouver, Eric motivated Paola to make this new dream come true and helped her to develop the concept and joined the business to become involved in the full creation of My Latin Store. This is now a happy beginning of how love can unite people to make projects come true!

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