Luisa Angel

Born in Colombia and as a passionate Latin woman, I decided to start showing the world the wonders of our culture. In 2016, the idea to start a second business came around, and fashion was and still is a wonderful world to explore for me. By the year 2018, Sahara Handmade Jewelry was born. I love to create and design so much, and making jewelry for me has become a passion. The best part of it is that it is handcrafted and I work with artisans and goldsmiths, so the process is really special. You are not also helping me make my dream come true, but also the dream of many other people and enhance the work and lives of many artisans that benefit from this job. My dream is to become a well-known jewelry designer not only in my community but also worldwide; as well as my design and the people who work in Sahara Handmade Jewelry.I hope you love our work!

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