Anthea Darychuk

With more than 15 years of experience in community engagement and sustainability, I have extensive experience in program management, risk evaluation and stakeholder engagement developed through work in Latin America and the Middle East. For the past several years, I have focused my energy towards understanding how local and Indigenous communities can best benefit from resource extraction activities in the Americas. I am a curious, engaged individual who loves nothing more than learning new things every day and applying my knowledge to everyday problems. My Masters of Public Health, focused on Public Health Policy and Global Health Promotion, has provided me with in-depth understandings of program implementation, evaluation, community involvement strategies, and statistical analysis. I am a fluent Spanish speaker, with strong communication skills including workshop development and delivery, and qualitative research methodologies. My experiences living and working in over eleven countries around the world have given me the ability to adapt easily to local contexts while at the same time maintaining professional standards. To contact me, please email, or message on Linkedin.

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