These prohibited seller activities are established to maintain a safe buying venue for customers and a fair selling environment for our merchants. Failure to comply with the terms of this policy can result in cancellation of listings and or permanent removal from MYLatinStore Marketplace.

General Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to both vendors of products and experiences.

1. Attempts to divert transactions or customers
Any attempt to circumvent the established MyLatinStore Marketplace sales process or to divert MyLatinStore customers to another website is prohibited. Specifically, any advertisements, marketing messages that lead, prompt, or encourage MyLatinStore customers to leave MyLatinStore website are prohibited.

2. Unauthorized & improper Seller Store Names
The Vendor Store Name (identifying a vendor’s business entity on MyLatinStore Marketplace) must be a name that: accurately identifies the vendor; is not misleading; and the vendor has the right to use (that is, the name cannot include the trademark of, or otherwise infringe on, any trademark or other intellectual property right of any person; cannot be identical or similar to another company’s name protected by trademark law).

3. Inappropriate email communications
All email communications with customers must be courteous, relevant and appropriate. Unsolicited email communications with MyLatinStore Marketplace customers, email communications other than as necessary for order fulfillment and related customer service, and emails containing marketing communications of any kind are prohibited.

4. Misuse of ratings, feedbacks, or reviews Any attempt to manipulate ratings, feedbacks, or reviews is strictly prohibited.

Prohibited Items List

Adult Only category – pornography in any form of media, adult novelty products, sexual aids or toys
Animal and Wildlife Products. Live animals, parts, pelts, skins, mounted specimens, taxidermy, fur, ivory, bone, organs, claws, teeth, shells, eggs, insects, and bear products are all prohibited.
Automobiles, motorcycles, or scooters requiring registration
Cell phone (wireless) service contracts
Cosmetics, used
Counterfeit items
Counterfeit currency and stamps
Credit or debit cards
– Describing drugs and drug-like substances
documents, manuals, IDs, licenses, uniforms, or other materials manufacturered or distributed by transportation industries
drugs and drug paraphernalia including e-cigarettes and vaporizers used for marijuana
Firearms and Weapons (including but not limited to switchblade knives, butterfly knives, guns, gun parts, gun kits, ammunition, mace, pepper spray, black powder, stun guns and explosives)
Firewood or lumber (not including artificial or manufactured firelogs)
Fireworks & pyrotechnical devices
Government documents, IDs, and licenses including those from transporation industries
Human remains and body parts
Illegal and/or prescription drugs – illegal drug paraphernalia, or materials describing how to make illegal drugs
lottery tickets
Mailing lists and personal information
Medical devices – examples include contact lenses, pacemakers, and surgical instruments
Offensive material – examples include ethnically or racially offensive material and Nazi memorabilia
Sexuality – any products associated with sexuality including but not limited to toys, vibrators, lubricants, intimate care, furniture, condoms, contraception, sexual aids, or sensual/romance. Vitamins, minerals, and supplements are allowed.