The Buclé Lounge Set

The Buclé Lounge Set (2 pillow cases and 1 throw)/ El juego Buclé Lounge (2 fundas de almohada y 1 manta)

USD $ 420.42

All Florezca Designs products are handmade by a member of an Indigenous women’s cooperative in South America.

All pieces in this sent are woven by a member of the Aymar Sawuri cooperative in Iquique, northern Chile. Aymar Sawuri has 15 master weavers that weave traditional values and stories into every piece they make. All materials are sourced locally from the Chilean Antiplano, high in the Andes and home to the driest desert in the world.

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The Buclé Lounge Set

Living in such an extreme environment has instilled a deep appreciation and interdependent relationship between the Aymara community and the natural environment. This means that all of the textiles the cooperative produces are sourced in a responsible manner that protects natural resources and promotes sustainable economic growth.

Bed throw measures 80cm by 220cm.

Cases measure 50cm by 50cm.

Like all of our products, our Buclé Set is made to order. This means we keep our inventories small and lean, and our artists earn direct profits at the time of order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production from the time of order.

100% Alpaca wool

100% Handmade

El juego Buclé Lounge

Vivir en un entorno tan extremo ha inculcado un profundo aprecio y una relación de interdependencia entre la comunidad aymara y el entorno natural. Esto significa que todos los textiles que produce la cooperativa se obtienen de una manera responsable que protege los recursos naturales y promueve el crecimiento económico sostenible.

La manta mide 80 cm por 220 cm.

Las cajas miden 50 cm por 50 cm.

Como todos nuestros productos, nuestro Buclé Set se fabrica bajo pedido. Esto significa que mantenemos nuestros inventarios pequeños y ajustados, y nuestros artistas obtienen ganancias directas en el momento del pedido. Por favor, espere de 2 a 3 semanas para la producción desde el momento del pedido.

100% lana de alpaca

100% hecho a mano

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 30 in

Alpaca Wool


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