Meet Andrés and his leather boot workshop

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Meet Andrés and his leather boot workshop, where each pair of boots is crafted by hand the old fashioned way.

Our boots are made in a small family workshop in León, a city North West of the capital, Mexico City. Often referred to as “The Shoe Capital of the World,” the tradition of shoe making dates back to 1645. The city is awash with family run workshops who preserve the craftmanship passed down to them from previous generations. 

If you’re serious about high-quality leather shoes, this is where you go. There are few places in the world where they still pride themselves in making leather shoes using the Goodyear Welt method and León is one of them.

Inspired by Mexican cowboys.

Andres learnt his trade over 20 years ago and has dedicated the last 10 years to producing high quality, small batch leather shoes and boots. His father ran a small factory producing women’s shoes and his grandfather ran a workshop making traditional Mexican cowboy boots. It was his grandfather who taught Andres his craft and he now applies the traditional techniques from cowboy boots to modern designs. In his work, Andreas primarily uses his favorite tool, the multitool.

Take a walk around León’s leather district and all you will see are cowboy boots. Everyone has a family member or friend that works in the shoe industry and it is source of immense honour. We take inspiration from this as we look to craft shoes that you can wear with pride and connect to the story of where they came from.

Step by step for a perfect fit.

In a world of mass-produced shoes cut from a template, it is refreshing to see Andrés and his small team at work, carefully sculpting each pair of boots by hand. Nearly all steps are still done by hand and the few machines which are used (stitching, polishing) are all operated manually. The boots are made almost entirely of leather with the exception of the rubber sole, which we chose to use for a more durable and longer lasting boot that can weather all conditions.

To make a single pair of boots involves 8 different steps, starting with the cutting the pieces of leather to size and ending with the cleaning and finishing of the boot. From start to finish it takes a minimum of 5 days to make a pair of leather boots in this way and will only pass through 3 or 4 different pairs of hands.
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