eHarmony Reacts to Wedding Rates Article

I am pleased to see eHarmony answering inside their official blog to a write-hook up website called “Marriage-Maker states Are Tied in Knots ” from the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ article examines a few of the relationship data launched by internet dating sites like eHarmony and the methodology used to determine this type of data. We chatted slightly about this topic too, a few weeks ago as soon as the original WSJ article was actually released (see Story).

The WSJ article failed to aim to kindly about statistics launched by adult dating sites, and for the the majority of component we buy into the writer. The general public ought to learn exactly how these data are produced. Of all internet dating sites discussed within the WSJ post, “eHarmony sticks out as one of the a lot more cautious types”. This is not exactly a glowing document for eHarmony so, they made a decision to post a response to their blog.

From inside the eHarmony article they’re going into further information on the way they calculated that their dating website was actually in charge of 2percent of marriages in the usa, from 12-month period ending March 2007. All the info we already knew about from a previously released PDF file titled “eHarmony | Harris involved 2007 wedding Metrics range eHarmony Marriages” (see tale), but the post does flush out some more details. Exactly what this web site post really does tv show is, eHarmony is attempting getting as open and transparent with their research results as possible. I believe title “Open telecommunications” may undoubtedly end up being your best option when it comes down to formal eHarmony weblog.

This is actually the full eHarmony response to the Wall Street log about how they assess their particular marriage research. For additional information on this dating site, study our very own writeup on eHarmony.

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