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I’m Jimmy and I’ve been living in Metro Vancouver since February 2020. Yes, it has been a challenge adapt to a new country, city, business and the new normal !! But in Brazil we say that: who’s in the rain, is to get wet; and that’s definitely something that will happen to you living in Vancouver. So I am from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and came to pursuit the Canadian Dream together with my wife and our 2 year old son, Noah. 

My business background involves restaurants, hospitality and real estate and yacht brokage. I graduated in Product Design, done a MBA in luxury management and always new the need to become an entrepreneur in order to fulfil my dreams. Today I’m very motivated to promote our culture, specially food, for all the different cultures that build up this amazing country. 

Beiju Foods is my door to Canada and yours to a whole new world of flavours ! 

Cheers. JiMMY

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