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Laura Cuner

Laura Cuñer DuBois is a socially conscious self-made entrepreneur and the founder of Avafina Organics. A pioneer in the organic industry, and an innovative leader in the vegan food sector, Laura’s early vision to bring organic ingredients into mainstream, has now become a reality. Under Laura’s leadership, Avafina Organics has grown to become a leading supplier of organic ingredients in North America and an innovative food manufacturer of plant based products. Laura is originally from Argentina. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Commerce from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, (UADE). She immigrated to North America in 1998, first arriving into New York. She continued her studies at New York University, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. And Optimum Health Institute. Upon meeting her husband, Laura moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2007 continuing her work in the organic industry. Laura is passionate about organic agriculture, its effects on the environment as well as our own personal health. Laura’s goal is to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle by educating them on the benefits of organic products, as well as providing products made using clean ingredients.

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